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Travel Planners, Timeshare for families

GFB Holidays Miami is a leading provider of luxury vacations and travel services. We specialize in timeshare resales and vacation ownership with over 30 years of experience. Call us now at +1 (989) 601-3628


Don't wait, Let's plan for northern lights Christmas 2022

You can be confident that your vacation ownership, no matter what it is, is in good hands because GFB Holidays Miami has over three decades of experience. All questions will receive a response from us within 48 hours, we guarantee. We value every single one of you, whether you manage rental properties, own points, are a landlord, or are just a dreamer who wants to buy a second home.

Our Principles

The industry's highest level of customization ever provided.

Over the years, we have discovered that there is no such owner and no such vacationer. This is even more obvious in these challenging times for Corona. We have a responsibility to treat you like a blossom in the palm of our hands.

GFB Miami a best place for TImeshare Holiday Rentals and Resales.

A smooth business plan

Due to the negative reputation and countless manipulations in the holiday stock sector, we aim to maintain an entirely open and transparent business model. Therefore, we will provide you with all the information you require about us right away.

GFB Holidays Miami

Since 2008, we've been promoting

We have already given a few of our early referral rewards for the holiday week. Due to the current circumstances in Corona, we adjusted the referral campaign at the request of clients to include gift cards from several store chains.

Privacy Policy

Your information won't ever be disclosed to anyone by us, not even outside parties. There won't be any other contacts for you.

Get to Know Us

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What People Say About Us 

"The quality of the service took my breath away. I warmly recommend GFB to everyone."

Mika Ahonen

Former RCI owner

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