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About Us

GFB Brand is a world-wide chain that provides ultimate Elite travel solutions for everyone who loves travelling and quality in it. GFB Miami is our latest branch and the first one in USA. Our Travel agency specializes in providing amazing experiences for our clients, while our Timeshare development offers an innovative way to purchase property. Timesharetoken (TMT) will change the timeshare industry as we know it, making possible first time in the History of timeshare industry, resale of the timeshare. With TMT token existence and soon we launch ICO, we think that there is no better place to be located than USA - the birthplace of Timeshare! We all have been working in the timeshare industry since the late 1990s and have seen all the good sides of it, and also the other side of the coin. We came here because of the location, and the fact that there is the most timeshareowners in the world, and travelling people in general. Our mission is to help people to sell they timeshare, advice and learn ourselves how to operate in this fabulous conutry. With release of the Timesharetoken (TMT) , this is not only a speech, but is will be a fact. This we can promise to you, as soon TMT token is developed and distributed to timeshare owners all around the world.

GFB Holidays Miami -- An Affordable Travel Agency.

Our Story

The Chain of GFB Holidays was founded by Mr Tommi Martikainen in 2008. Since then, it has continuously grown as an Elite Travel Agency. In 2019, the name of the organisation was changed from GFB Holidays to GFB Holidays Finland. Till 2022, We have offices in London for our UK Customers and now provide fabulous Travel Services in Miami and the whole USA. We are Travel Agency, Car Rental Services, Flight Agents and Expedia Verified Partners. So every customer has the option to plan a vacation at a one-stop shop. We offer Holiday Ownership for families who love to travel and timeshare so that they can enjoy their vacations without any hassle. Our Fly Booking Engine is integrated with all major airlines so that our customers can book their flights with ease. With more than 30,000 car rental locations worldwide, we provide our customers with the best possible rates for their car rentals. We are also Expedia Verified Partners which means that our customers can book their hotels with us at the best possible rates. All in all, we provide our customers with everything they need to plan a perfect vacation.

Meet The Owner

Owner of GFB Miami -- Mr. Tommi Martikainen

Tommi Martikainen


Hello, my name is Tommi Martikainen, and I am the owner of GFB Miami.

We are an elite travel agency that specializes in timeshare resales. We have helped over 10,000 couples aged 30-65 sell their timeshares.

The reason we are so successful is because of our unique mechanism, Timesharetoken (TMT). This makes it easy for our customers to resell their timeshares.

The problem that most people have when they want to sell their timeshare is that they cannot find a buyer. This is because most people do not know about the TMT system.

With our help, you can easily sell your timeshare and get the money you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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