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As a member of GFB HOLIDAYS Miami, you will receive golden benefits for all your friends and family.

As a member of GFB Holidays Miami, you will soon be able to access all GFB Hotels globally, including all countries and all available accommodations, at no additional fee. Additionally, this year's hotel package is also coming to Miami, so visitors from that country need not be dissatisfied. Additionally, GFB Holidays will be the first company in the world to create a timeshare/weekly share/holiday cryptocurrency (TMT) when currencies become digital, with all the products you purchase, whether it's a hotel night, a week's worth of accommodations, etc (short for timeshare token ) Old-fashioned paper share registers will be eliminated at the start of this year and replaced by digital ones, which will make them more useful in the future. For instance, the fact that your weekly share's worth can be expressed in TMT, allowing you to use a Visa or Mastercard to take euros from the wall. Isn't that amazing? Naturally, TMT is a legal tender in exchanges the moment it arrives. It's important to note that, the world's first cryptocurrency travel company, had a successful corona. We'll keep you informed more frequently about this.

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