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Timeshare for Families, Timeshare Ownership, Holiday Ownership by GFB Holidays Miami

Our Services

We rent, sell, and create exceptional vacation experiences for all of our members throughout the world. We thank all of our customers for being loyal to us. Our mission is to be an absolutely flawless elite travel agency.

We are the agency that helps people resell their timeshares. We have helped over 10,000 couples aged 30-65 sell their timeshares through our unique system, Timesharetoken (TMT). This system allows people to list their timeshares on a blockchain-based marketplace. From there, buyers can easily find and purchase timeshares. The TMT system makes it easy for both buyers and sellers to conduct transactions and track the ownership of timeshares. Thanks to the TMT system, GFB Miami has become one of the most successful agencies in the business. If you're looking to sell your timeshare, contact us today. We will help you get the money you deserve.


This beautiful industry's Achilles heel has always been and will always be the resale of vacation shares and vacation ownership. For this reason, we never make exorbitant promises in our resale orders, and we thoroughly inspect each sales order.


Renting seems much simpler than it actually is when you say it out loud. Only our tens of years of experience and familiarity with virtually all real estate firms and property managers can provide the assurance that you won't be required to make recurring payments.

Our Benefits

Our fee is never a set percentage or based on a commission; it is always an amount in excess of the purchase price. By doing this, we ensure that we fulfil our commitments.

GFB Holidays Miami

We pledge to constantly provide you with the best services.

Corona and Travel

Everybody's dread and the nightmare of the entire planet was the coronavirus. and regrettably, the tourism sector was not an exception. The situation is already substantially better for all of us in 2022. Other industries that depend on the spending power of tourists are being revitalised by the tourism business.

We are always looking for English-speaking personnel

We are constantly hiring staff to work from home for our growing organization. Fluent English is the only necessity. feel free to apply to

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